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Ask Well: What Are the Benefits of Tai Chi?
Tai chi chuan, a gentle form of martial arts combining deep, diaphragmatic breathing and flowing, dancelike poses, can be a remarkably potent workout for people of many ages. In various recent studies and reviews, tai chi has been found to improve ...
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Praia de Ipanema ganha academia gratuita ao ar livre
Pelo 12º ano seguido, o Rio Academia junta as belezas naturais do Rio de Janeiro com o culto à saúde e ao bem estar, trazendo atividades de musculação, CrossFit, yoga, tai chi chuan, mat pilates e capoeira. Vôlei de praia e Levantamento de Peso ...
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Cầu thủ MU, Chelsea hay Man City cần chuẩn bị gì để đáp ứng triết lý của Pep?
Tuần thứ hai của tháng 6/2013, người bạn thân và trợ lý Manuel Estiarte của Guardiola đã có mặt tại sân tập của Bayern Munich để chuẩn bị cơ sở vật chất cho các bài tập của vị HLV này. Vài tuần sau đó, các cầu thủ mới tập trung trở lại sau kỳ nghỉ hè ...
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5 best ways to relieve and prevent joint pain naturally
Acupuncture is an integral part of the traditional Chinese medicine and involves inserting needles into specific points on your body. The primary purpose of acupuncture is to re-route the energy flow and restore the balance in your body. This ...
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For Some Chinese-Americans, Thanksgiving Is for Wedding Receptions
Among the guests was Zhu Rongbing, 56, an acupuncturist and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine in Manhattan who once treated the bride and whom the families credit with introducing the couple. “Thanksgiving is to thank everybody,” Dr. Zhu said.
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How do I get my dad to take his medicines?
Therefore, patients should obtain their TCM from a suitably qualified practitioner, just as they would get their Western medicine from a suitably qualified doctor. Since we do not know exactly the chemical content of naturally occurring herbs, it is ...
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Stage de tai-chi qi gong
Un après-midi autour du tai-chi «la beauté du geste» aura lieu le samedi 28 novembre. Rendez-vous de 14 heures à 17 heures, à la Maison bleue. Contenu : Nourrir le «tan tien», «centre vital ou champ de cinabre» ; chercher la détente à travers le ...

Class in Session
Mitya Schoppe, of Wilder, left, and Skip Cady, of Lyme, right, move through a progression of arm and leg movements during a Qigong class taught by Gerry Sandweiss, of Woodstock, at the Norman Williams Public Library in Woodstock, Vt. Tuesday, ...
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Teaching Qi Gong to Children
Many of us have come to embrace Qi Gong or Tai Chi practice as a regular part of our lives. Qi Gong has been a stabilizing factor in my life for the last twenty years. My desire is for children to experience the benefit of this amazing system all their ...
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Most of us have probably heard or seen people meditating where it be in movies, commercials or print ads. One thing is for sure, we find them looking very serene and peaceful, looking as if they have found their core and is one with the universe. Well, what exactly is happening? How do they do it? What exactly does one get from doing it? I'd say we find out.

First things first, what is meditation? Simple meditation technique is defined as a training of the mind. It is from this training where our body and health are given the utmost benefit. However, one needs to go though the right processes and procedures to gain and enjoy these benefits. How so?

What you first need to do is to prevent any noise. If impossible, you need to ignore the distractions around you. Just like any other normal task, your brain work best if you concentrate on what you are doing. If one's environment is peaceful, then you gain inner peace faster.

Now, if you are in the process of meditating and at one point, something or someone distracts you, it is best if you would not stop nor give up. Put an effort into getting back into the meditative state as fast as you can. Deal with the noise or conquer it. Do not be misguided by thinking that you need to start from scratch again.

Next, it would be best if you are in a comfortable position. You could not concentrate of course if a part of your body gets cramps from the difficult position you were in.  Those who are beginners in this field need not worry about how their hands are positioned during the process of meditation.

Some people meditate after a yoga course. We advise you to do the same thing. Why? The posture of yoga actually aids in preparing one's body for meditation.

Some people think that meditations cost a lot of money. They don't. The benefits one get from meditating actually is a great reward in return for the cost. Why? While meditating, your mind is trained. This means that one can channel negative thoughts to more positive ones.

Now, keep in mind that you cannot get it all in just one sitting. Patience is needed in this field. You will surely learn of its wonderful effects on your body in a short period of time.  To know more about meditation and its amazing benefits, or if you want to learn how to meditate - you can visit

The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.

There has been a recent upsurge in the use of the ancient practice of acupuncture. According to studies conducted in 2011, over three million adults underwent a medical procedure that involved the use of acupuncture in 2011 alone. This surge in demand for the medical technique is the result of numerous studies highlighting the benefits of acupuncture to both the mind and the body of patients recovering from various medical issues. Currently, one Denver based clinic is helping local patients discover how acupuncture can help improve their lives.


Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine & Wellness has developed a sterling reputation for medical and healthcare excellence within their years in practice. Healing Traditions wellness clinic offers patients access to highly experienced, professional & knowledgeable healthcare professionals specifically trained in the following areas: Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Reproductive Medicine & Fertility [For Men & Women], Women's Health Concerns • Obstetrics & Gynecology [OBGYN], Men's Reproductive & Urologic Health.


Healing Tradition's primary physician is Gina Mortellaro-Gomez M.S.O.M., L.Ac., C.H., NCCAOM Dipl. O.M., FABORM. Gina is Nationally Board Certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine [which includes advanced competencies in both Western Bio-Medical and Chinese Medical Reproductive Endocrinology, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology, Reproductive Medicine and Infertility] and is a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine [FABORM]. During the treatment process, Gina aims to help her patients restore their body's innate sense of balance and wellness through using the powerful & time-proven modality of Oriental/Chinese Medicine coupled with Western Functional Medicine and Nutritional & Dietary support. Healing Traditions' primary goal is to provide quality, holistic health care with the intent of motivating and helping people improve their quality of life and well-being.


The team at Healing Traditions goes to great lengths to ensure that each visitor to their clinic feels welcome and comfortable. The clinic has been designed around the ancient principles of feng shui, which help to bring balance and healing to anyone who enters. Some have said that when they walk into the Clinic of Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine & Wellness, that it's a transformative experience unlike any other as an instant feeling of calm overcomes them and prepares them for the healing process that lays ahead. It's this reputation for providing peace of mind and calmness alongside top quality healthcare that has helped the clinic to expand its patient-base across the local area in recent years.


Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Dietary Therapy are predominant modalities utilized at this Denver based clinic to help and support its patients with an array of healthcare issues. Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine & Wellness specializes in the following areas: Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Reproductive Medicine & Fertility [For Men & Women], Women's Health Concerns • Obstetrics & Gynecology [OBGYN], Men's Reproductive & Urologic Health.


Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine & Wellness clinic also offers support for those undergoing IVF/ICSI treatment. IVF/ICSI treatment is currently one of the leading Western Medical solutions for those trying to conceive a child.


One unfortunate statistic is that despite the innovative nature of the technology behind IVF/ICSI/IUI, only one out of three women attempting IVF will achieve pregnancy. For those that are over 40 years of age, the chances of pregnancy can be much lower. This is why so many people are now integrating additional medical and healthcare modalities such as Chinese Medicine [acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine] into their course of treatment. It's not widely known, but acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can actually increase the chances of a successful IVF cycle, while also decreasing the chances of miscarriage. When acupuncture is used alongside their IVF it has been shown to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy by 106%. And so now, many Denver couples are investigating the possibility of including and integrating Chinese Medicine [Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine] into their pre-IVF Cycle preparation and IVF Cycle itself.


For those about to begin their IVF cycle, a consultation at the Healing Traditions clinic represents the best way to begin and find out as much information as possible on how to improve their chances of success. During the first consultation the patient meets with the lead physician, Gina Mortellaro-Gomez M.S.O.M., L.Ac., C.H., NCCAOM Dipl. O.M., FABORM, who will conduct a non-invasive physical exam combined with discussing the patient's current and past health history . Gina will then form an individual diagnosis based on the results and findings of the physical exam and health history intake. This individualized diagnosis will guide Gina in recommending and providing a course of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal treatments that best suits the patients specific and individualized physiological needs before, during and following an IVF Cycle. It's this type of individualized, holistic health care and medical approach that is helping thousands across Denver to utilize acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine for a successful implantation and pregnancy following their IVF/ICSI Cycles.


To begin exploring how Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can improve and enhance your life and overall health, please contact the team at the Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine & Wellness clinic today. One call could make the beginning of a remarkable change in the way you feel.


About Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine and Wellness:


Lakewood, CO-based Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine and Wellness is an exclusive wellness center offering treatment in the fields of Chinese Medicine & Western Functional Medicine and specializing in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Reproductive Medicine & Fertility [For Men & Women], Women's Health Concerns • Obstetrics & Gynecology [OBGYN], & Men's Reproductive & Urologic Health. The clinic continues to lead the industry through their innovative approach to personalized treatment. For more information, please go to Healing-Traditions.



7114 West Jefferson Ave., Suite 208

Denver, Lakewood CO 80235

United States.

Healing Traditions is a specialty Alternative Medicine Clinic in Denver, offering Acupuncture in Pain Management, Fertility, Sports Medicine and Orthopedics in Denver. For more information please go to

Colorado Springs tai chi instructor's trip to China will make history
On a bright, sunny Tuesday morning, almost two dozen people gathered in the serene, plant-filled space of the Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs. Comfortably dressed, the equal mix of women and men murmured to each other as they waited for ...
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Tai-Chi-Chuan e Tai-chi spada - esibizioni h 15-15.30 e 21-21.30 (h 16.00-18.00 miniworkshop tai-chi-chuan base su prenotazione (Tony Gargiulo) . 5 tibetani h 15.30-16.30 . Danze orientali, etniche: danza araba, danza del ventre, persiana, polinesiana, ...
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Finding balance and a slower pace through tai chi
Taijiquan, which translates literally as “Supreme Ultimate Fist,” is also known as tai chi chuan, or simply tai chi. In the United States, it has become a popular low-impact, meditative exercise for those who primarily study its various postures rather ...
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Meditation is a mental discipline in which one attempts to get beyond the conditioned, thinking mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. Meditation is the Holy Grail of inspiration. It can bring peace, wisdom, awareness, stress relief, spiritual growth, connection to God's will, intuition, purpose, improved physical health, pain management, intelligence and even increased metabolism. At the core of meditation is the goal to focus and eventually quiet your mind. As you progress, you will find that you can meditate anywhere and at any time, accessing an inner calm no matter what's going on around you. You will also find that you can better control your reactions to things as you become increasingly aware of your thoughts like letting go of anger.

There are numerous methods of meditation varying from those which aim to achieve complete lack of conscious thought to those which focus on an intellectual problem to solve. Some methods call for complete stillness while others call for vigorous physical activity. In general, they all aim to exercise some constraint on conscious thought.

So how should you meditate? In the beginning, one should first learn to practice meditation skillfully while sitting. Later, you can apply the principles learned during sitting meditation to the practice of meditation in any other position such as walking, standing or lying down. When you sit for meditation, you should sit in a posture which will help you to achieve tranquility quickly. You can either sit cross-legged on the floor, or sit on a chair if you find the floor too uncomfortable. The most important thing is to keep your body relaxed and to find the best position that allows you to sit still for a long time without the risk of falling asleep. Some people, when they first start to meditate are very keen to make rapid progress that they meditate with too much force. This is wrong. This would result very poor progress and a number discomforts such as headaches.

When you first start to meditate, you should always remind yourself that children are some of the most successful meditators in this technique, because of their playful and innocent attitude towards meditation. Therefore do not be too serious or do not try too hard. You should maintain a light attention and a happy mind. To know more about meditation and its amazing benefits, or if you want to learn how to meditate - you can visit

The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.

It is commonly thought that area rugs are simply any rug that is made in the orient. While that is true to an extent, true oriental rugs must be made in a certain way and out of certain material to be considered a true oriental rug. Many American manufacturers and other manufacturers outside of Asia try to pass off rugs that resemble oriental rugs as real oriental rugs, when they are nowhere close to the real thing. Authentic oriental rugs are made by hand and are made out of sheep’s wool or sometimes cotton.

Real oriental rugs are never made out of synthetic material, as fake oriental rugs are made out of. Authentic oriental rugs are made by hand using a specific weaving process that creates the unique and beautiful patterns that oriental rugs are so well known for. The fakes, on the other hand, are made by machine. Too often, authentic rugs and the machine made rugs are sold together, but no matter how authentic a machine made rug may look, it is not an authentic oriental rug.


Authentic oriental area rugs are mostly made in parts of Asia, including China, Nepal, India, Iran, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and some countries in Africa including Egypt and Morocco. Some oriental rugs are even made in Spain. The production of the Oriental rug dates back centuries. It is not known when the first Oriental rug was made, but a carpet that dates as far back as 400 BC was once discovered. A special technique that can only be done by hand is used to make oriental rugs. This technique includes attaching the nap of the rug to the base threads using a special knot, which cannot be replicated by machine. This special hand knotting technique is what makes oriental rugs unique. While machines can replicate the look of oriental rugs, they cannot replicate the special care and attention human hands can give to the creation of an oriental rug.

When shopping for an oriental area rug Louisville, make sure that it is made of sheep’s wool and not synthetic materials like polypropylene or polyolefin. Any rug made in America, Italy or Belgium will most likely not be an authentic rug. Also, price makes a big difference. Oriental rugs made out of synthetic materials are much less expensive than rugs made out of organic materials. Since authentic and machine made rugs are often sold together, it is important to pay special attention to the materials and the appearance of the rug.

Oriental rugs can be found a variety of retailers, so choose wisely when purchasing an oriental rug. The best way to find an authentic oriental rug may be to shop at an ethnic or Asian market. Ordering from overseas retailers is also a good bet. They are very much sought after because they have a deep history and are considered works of art. Many also think of oriental rugs and the “king” of all rugs. Obtaining one of these can add a one-of-a-kind, mesmerizing work of art to your home décor or personal collection. 

Learn how to get finest and high quality hand-knotted area rugs that will transform your house into a home with the beauty of an Oriental Rug. To learn more about Oriental Rugs, visit and see the largest collection of handcrafted area rugs in Louisville to make you choose from hundreds of fine quality area Oriental Rugs. 

Health in the CNMI: A little-known herb that packs a punch
In his YouTube video (link below) Kilham states that when it comes to herbs and botanicals, the Chinese are miles beyond everyone else, including the USA. They have had thousands of years to develop their unique Traditional Chinese Medicine, ...
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Small Bites: Waredaca Brewing Company Sets Opening Date
The brewery has a 10-barrel system and it uses hops and other ingredients such as herbs and honey that are grown or produced at the farm to make its beers. Snyder said the brewery will offer a lemon verbena IPA, honey wheat, ... Washington Post food ...

Ruizhida from China launched its new line of acne treatment products
3, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The much reputed, classic Chinese company, Jinan Ruizhida Biological Technology Co. Ltd. has launched its innovative line of acne products, which looks more like a complete kit. Infused with traditional Chinese medicine ...
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À la découverte du taï-chi-chuan
ection du foyer des jeunes et d'éducation populaire, le taï-chi-chuan compte 25 pratiquants âgés de 35 à 72 ans, même si les cours des mercredis de 19 h 30 à 21 heures et samedi de 9 h 30 à 12 heures au dojo sont ouverts à tous les publics quel que ...
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Un maître du tai-chi-chuan bientôt en visite à Orsay
Illustration. Le tai-chi-chuan est un art martial chinois dont l'apprentissage est prioritairement fondé sur la lenteur et la détente. Maître Wang Xian (photo) enseignera la forme ancienne du style Chen. (DR.) ...
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Natal E Réveillon No Mabu Thermas Grand Resort Têm Atrações Para Cada Momento Do Período De Festas
As festas de Natal e Réveillon no Mabu Thermas Grand Resort, localizado em Foz do Iguaçu, contarão com uma programação especial para toda a família, incluindo lazer, gastronomia, relaxamento e diversão. Do dia 22 de dezembro a 3 de janeiro, o resort ...
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