Chinese Herb – Ephedra

Native Chinese herbs also are used ephedra, fat burning supplement, also known as ephedra, has been used as a treatment for the disease natural variety of the last 5,000 years. Disease, allergies, asthma, such as wheezing, coughing, fever, which contains the common cold treated in the early product of the plant ephedra. Although popular in China, also various kinds of ephedra, in Utah, has been found especially in North America.

Ma huang products plant is a country that can grow to 50 meters tall average, they find is an evergreen shrub is native to the desert. Features a variety of colors, only shrubs have a flexible yet tough stems and small leaves remain green briefly. Depending on the species, shrub of ephedra, you can view the colors, including green, yellow, and red, brown, gray.

Ephedra has been working as a stimulant. Epinephrine has a much stronger effect, similar to that of methamphetamine, biologically similar, with only plant-derived material. As an alternative, as a way to not sleep while working in Utah, for use by security guards of Genghis Khan, including the consumption from Mormon and early, there are a variety of story about the use of ephedra in folklore coffee and tea that contain caffeine.

So is a very powerful stimulant reaction caused by the derivative of ephedra, an herbal specialist is not all strains; it is recommended that you use the extract. Ephedrine, causing an increase in the number of blood pressure and heart rate are known from the effects of ephedra consumption of total strain is much milder. As apart from the use of stimulants, eca result  also is known for its ability to accelerate weight loss by affecting the body's metabolic rate through appetite suppression properties and lift the mood.

Ephedra is an herbal medicine and modern of the most popular as a dietary supplement that is used by patients seeking from mild to extreme weight loss. The more effective stimulation, the body's fat burning ability of individuals to experience ephedra, the already low basal metabolic rate while removing the feeling of hunger. Weight loss, but often has been a very welcome addition as a result, care must be taken to reduce the percentage of body weight has been lost in attention healthy level.

Although the use of moderation can be a positive impact on your health, ephedra does not mean there are no side effects. As a stimulus, and these symptoms, will be erased immediately after dose adjustment or discontinuation of use for its main purpose, to ephedra, can cause insomnia and insomnia Ephedra, the people are suffering from high blood pressure and heart rate issue to be a dangerous blood pressure and heart disease is related to, you will need to use carefully. Finally, for interaction with metabolic processes of the body, in ephedra, may lead to dry mouth, headache, tremor and lead to feelings of tension and anxiety.

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