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"Winter worm, summer grass, Cordyceps sinensis is a treasure." As blindly expensive Chinese herbal medicines , Has a "soft gold," said the caterpillar fungus, prices have been soaring.

Born in snow, but also insects also grass, the number of rare, hard to pick??? It all makes the caterpillar fungus goes by a "rare medicinal herbs," the name. The reason why

Cordyceps see very many people, "Jin-Gui", a big factor because it is generally produced in the mountains over 3,000 meters above sea level areas, only a small number and difficult to pick, so they are very rare. However, in the eyes of Chinese experts, in addition to expensive Chinese herbal medicine Cordyceps sinensis in family status and the efficacy is very common. Even attending kidney deficiency of Cough asthma, only as a secondary drug, and less in sputum or no sputum can be used when. For allergic asthma is basically useless. Chinese medicine, Cordyceps is not a panacea, apply only to lung deficiency, kidney deficiency or kidney deficiency caused by a variety of disease and syndrome. Cold Coughing or other acute cough, is not suitable for Cordyceps sinensis; if used, not only can not cough, so they will cough increased, but hard to be cured, affect cough efficacy of other drugs. In the treatment of chronic bronchitis and old, they can only be taken when no sputum smear or less. In addition, its kidney function is also limited to mild renal insufficiency, renal failure for those who do not have much effect. Cordyceps sinensis is a sweet warm

for the goods, where exogenous heat, heat to be filled with those who should not take. However, tuberculosis tuberculosis cough, blood stained sputum of patients with Cordyceps lily, Fritillaria and Tremella does have some benefits with the stew. For the physically weak, poor stomach for those who can not be pirated, Chinese caterpillar fungus tonic medicine is also quite good.

Cordyceps take some time to note where, if people think that, with Cordyceps stew up the more the better effect, does not. Off the body absorb the active ingredients of Cordyceps sinensis is extremely limited absorption maximum of 3 to 4 grams is enough. Of course, finish the soup stew Cordyceps, such as can hardly chewed the "residue" also eaten, the efficacy of more fully utilized. Cordyceps effective because the need for a certain amount of accumulate, so drink one or two weeks is not useful, usually at least insist on taking 1 to 2 months.

Addition to Cordyceps sinensis and chicken, duck, beef, lamb or vegetarian stew served a variety of things, boiling water with Cordyceps can eat, or the mild Cordyceps into powder can also serve. In essence for kidney deficiency caused by waist and knee pain, weakness, nocturnal emissions, impotence and premature ejaculation, tinnitus, forgetfulness and vagrancy and so on, can be used alone Cordyceps Paojiu services, or Eucommia, Chuan off, medlar, antlers rubber, plastic and other fill fine turtle blood, impotence gas, gluten product used in conjunction with bone health, to enhance efficacy.

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I love it when people argue over which is better, Karate or Tai Chi Chuan, because it is a bogus question. The point I'm putting forth here is that they are opposite sides of the same coin. This is one of those things that most people haven't really come to grips with.

To define the art of Karate one would first describe it as linear, for everyone has the rather erroneous idea that Karate is straight lines. Second, one would think of explosiveness, for the violence of Karate explodes outward from the center of the body. And, there isn't a clearly definable third point to be discussed here.

To describe the beautiful Tai Chi art one would think circular, for the movements of the art loop and twine like a snake in love with itself. Secondly, one would say slow motion, and here is the first point of contrast to be made. Most people, you see, usually don't understand what an explosion is.

An explosion is an expansion of energy in all directions from a central point. The question I put forth here is...what is the actual speed of an explosion? We have set notions, probably established by the violence we expect from such a happening, but the truth is, there is no set speed which would define an explosion.

Thus, when considering TCC there is an explosion, but it is slow and sustained. Both martial arts take their power from the explosion. Both have power, but the technical application is where we have the seeming divergence of arts.

Tai Chi accepts the attack, and circles it back into itself, and expels or otherwise handles it. Karate accepts the attack, and destroys it. It may seem rude, but we don't care about that; we care about the fact that real karate is not herky jerky angles. Bad Karate is, but the real and good stuff is smooth and liquid, and the movements of the body are filled with subtle circles.

The real problem here is that people tend to set their ideas in stone as to what a Martial Art is, and they categorize and label, and they usually miss the point. The best martial arts I ever saw was my Korean Karate sensei, who was as liquid as greased oil. He just used the explosions and circles and angles like a master of TCC, but in a different application.

The real key here is to define the direction of the attack, and then decide which art is appropriate to your whim and the moment. And, here is something, can you change your Tai Chi Chuan into hard explosiveness? Or, can you change your Karate explosiveness into a harmonious handling of violence?

Which style is better, Karate or Tai Chi Chuan. Head on over to Monster Martial Arts and find out more. 

According to the International Obesity Task Force, around 2006, the world approximately comprises 300 million obese and perhaps 800 million people overweight. Other epidemiological studies estimate that there are 1 billion 500 million overweight people in the world. It is therefore estimated that 1/4 to 1/5 of the world population is too large! In the United States, where obesity is more studied than anywhere else, health authorities estimate that on average 33% of men, 36% women, 12% of adolescents and 14% of children are suffering from a serious overweight. In France about 25% of women and 18% of men are overweight.

But the distribution of overweight or obese in the country and across age groups is very uneven. Some examples in France: there would be 16.5% of overweight people in Lower Normandy against 32.7% in Alsace. If we look at age, on average, 1.7% of 6 years children would be too big, 6.5% at 14 years and 20% of adults should lose weight.

If a French person in ten is actually obese, in Polynesia (Tahiti, Wallis and Futuna) 70% of people have an important overweight.

The increase in childhood obesity is a concern especially when you know that an obese child is likely to become an obese adult. In France, a recent study of children aged 10 months and 8 years showed that instead of the expected percentage of 3% of obese it was 10%! An increase in the number of obese children, similar if not more important, is observed in most developed countries. Only Finland has succeeded, it seems, to stop this epidemic of childhood obesity.

Several species of Hoodia, lush plants of the family apocynacées, may be poised to revolutionize the treatment of obesity. The Hoodia is traditionally used by the SAN ethnicity in South Africa and other tribes in Namibia and Botswana to cut the appetite and thirst of hunters who go for long walks, and treat various problems. The most interesting are Hoodia gordonii and Hoodia pilifera.

Early studies confirm the power of appetite suppressant of Hoodia extracts and compounds in question have already been determined. Hoodia poses several problems: It is a desert plant that grows very slowly, it soon will be overexploited and its culture is not simple.

It is a plant that logically belongs to the people who discovered its properties. There have already been extracts of Hoodia on the Internet. The extract of Hoodia is for adults and not recommended for pregnant women pending until complete clinical trials.

Eucalyptus and Globulous, radiatus, Laurus nobilis

In many people, the infusion of eucalytus (to cineole) or laurel sauce, cut the appetite. The essential oil is less effective. Eucalyptus is useful in mild cases of diabetes type 2. You can drink these teas (without sugar) at any time of day, but 1 / 2 hour before a meal seems to be most effective, but one should be careful because, on the contrary, in some people, these plants can be appetizing. A teaspoon of dry leaves broken in a cup of very hot water, 10 minutes of infusion, 2 or 3 times a day is recommended.

Herbal therapy is a very safe treatment to lose weight. Plants are a natural treasure that can cure us from a lot of diseases. Herbal treatment, a balanced diet and regular exercises are an excellent weapon to fight obesity!

Ines Khalsi is a fitness professor, she has acquired a significant experience in weight loss therapies, having weight problems herself; she went across different medicines and discovered that herbal medicine is the safer way to lose superfluous kilos. She also discovered that herbal medicine can be used to fix many physical deficiencies. She has gained a significant knowledge in the field and now she wants to share it with other people. If you are interested in herbal products please visit:
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The History:

Long before Hinduism and Buddhism, the wise masters of India practiced and transmitted powerful mantras, of which the Hamsa meditation is said to be the foremost. This timeless wisdom mantra belongs to the ancient Vedic spiritual tradition.

The Vedas are the oldest of man's scriptures, ancient holy texts passed down through the generations. The mantra itself is part of the oral tradition that has continued through many centuries.

Although this is not a Buddhist meditation, it belongs to the Indian yoga tradition that the Buddha himself practiced.  

The Technique:

The mantra itself is deceptively simple. All we need to do is breath in and out through the nostrils. As we do this we repeat to ourselves the syllable HAM on the in-breath, and the syllable SO on the out-breath.

Repeat on the in-breath: HAM

On the out-breath: SO  

The Meaning:

The syllable HAM represents and embodies the expansive masculine yang energy; the syllable SO represents the centripetal yin, feminine energy. HAMSA means white swan. The swan is an ancient symbol of spiritual grace and purity.  

The Purpose:

The Hamsa meditation helps us find the grace within and carries us beyond our limited concepts. It helps us shed negative feelings that we are 'ugly ducklings' and reminds us that we are all graceful and pure swans. It can help our spiritual life take wings.

Ancient teachings say this mantra is a vibration of infinite consciousness, uniting us each with divine source. It is said that this mantra helps us erase duality and the sense that we are different or separate from each other.

We cannot find the enlightenment we seek until we realize that we are all one; there is no 'other'. The Hamsa meditation helps us to connect with the divine love and profound energy that flows through the universe and through each of us.  

Chant this mantra during your meditation:

HAM on the inhalation

SO on the exhalation  

There is a joke in Buddhist circles: "Don't just dosomething, sit there."  

(Inspired by Lama Surya Das: Letting go of the person you used to be)

Want to know more? Have a look at my blog.

Facial acupuncture is said to have the capability of facial rejuvenation to make your face look younger. This form of alternative medical treatment is gaining popularity worldwide. It is based on the ancient Chinese medical treatment of acupuncture, which involves placing fine needles at pressure points on your face. This treatment is a rejuvenation and revitalizing process, which makes your whole body and face feel and look younger.

Looking young and beautiful is what most people want. Anybody can try facial acupuncture because it is painless and has no side effects or drastic results like a normal cosmetic surgery gone wrong. Fine needles are placed at pressure points and they to eliminate fine lines, bags under the eyes, firms the skin, lifts the eyelids and minimizes double chins. Increased collagen production, muscle tone, brightening of the eyes and reduction of stress are other benefits. The treatment takes around 12 to 15 sessions.

The Chinese believe that our body is flowing with 'qi' energy which follows certain paths inside it. This belief has been upheld for thousands of years. The word 'qi' pronounced as chi, means energy, air or breath and is considered a life force. The meridians through which 'qi' flows are influenced by weather conditions and emotions. The aim of acupuncture is to balance the energies and rejuvenate the body. The energies Yin and Yang should be balanced in your system for you to feel good.

There are many acupuncture colleges around the world where you can study courses in acupuncture to become a qualified practitioner, especially since this form of holistic medicine has become very popular. You can have a successful career in this alternative form of medicine that does not involve painful surgeries or side effects. You could specialize in the many forms of acupuncture including acupuncture depression or facial acupuncture.

There are many acupuncture clinics London where you can try any form of treatment. This alternative form of ancient Chinese medicine has several believers in various parts of the world. The clinics in London treat several conditions as

* Headaches and migraine
* Facial rejuvenation
* Infertility
* Circulatory problems
* Pregnancy care
* Urinary problems
* Menopausal problems
* Musculoskeletal problems
* High blood pressure
* Back pain
* Gastrointestinal problems
* Weight Loss
* Respiratory conditions
* Kidney disorders

Acupuncture is a safe, effective and holistic form of medical practice backed by thousands of years of research. This style of treatment has been practiced in China, Japan and other eastern countries for thousands of years. Acupuncture charts are used to point out pressure points where fine needles can be inserted for treatment.  You will experience an overall improvement in the quality of your health after treatment in the required number of sittings has been performed.

Facial acupuncture one form of acupuncture treatment you can undergo for your different needs. There are many well recognized clinics where you can get treatment for any condition you wish to improve through this holistic form of medicine.

Michael Shtofman writes articles about the Facial Acupuncture and different aspects of it please visit his site for more interesting information.

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In today's life everybody is so engaged in earning money and beat their rivals that they hardly fid any time for themselves and their family. He works more than his capacity. As a result of that, he becomes the victim of stress. This stress affects their health I negative way. For this they run to doctors who suggest them allopathic treatment which suppresses the stress symptoms but make the body immune system weak and more prone to disease.

Thankfully we have a safe method to overcome this stress in our body i.e. acupuncture treatment. This treatment is a Chinese healing art that uses superfine needles inserted in body parts. According to its theory, an energy flows through our body in the channels known as meridians. These meridians lie all along the length and breath of body and are associated with all the body organs thus providing them energy. On these meridians lie the acupuncture points which have association with one or the other body organ. In the situations of stress, blood and energy flow is restricted which results in stagnation.

Stress causes flight or fight response in the body as a result of which blood stress hormone, cortisol, is released which makes a  person feels irritation, anger, frustration, difficulty in sleeping, tension in muscles of neck and shoulders, depression, pain in body parts including headaches and migraines, premenstrual symptoms in women, bowel's syndrome etc.  This increases blood pressure and makes immune system weak. Due to all these a person feels hatred towards life and looses the zeal of living life.

When acupuncture is performed on a stress patient, tissues and muscles get activated that helps in movement of chi and the blood. Acupuncture stimulates brain to release stress suppressing hormone endorphins and serotonins which causes a deep relaxing feel in the mind reducing stress. It also helps to lower the level of cortisol in blood and removes toxic substances by improving blood circulation. It reduces sympathetic nerve activity thus lowering blood pressure and heart beat rate.

A patient feel relaxation in one session only that lasts for 30-60 minutes. Some people may fall asleep during the treatment only. In general, a regular acupuncture treatment for stress symptoms gives you the best results and makes you feel alive again. With this, muscles movement is enhanced thus tension and stiffness is released causing a relief in pain in neck, shoulders and other body parts. Acupuncture provides a great comfort for headache and migraine patients. It increases the circulation of blood thus providing tissues more of oxygen and makes them work more and more. Regular yoga and meditation, and healthy and nutritious diet also help a lot in stress reliving.

Some people do not consider it safe and are hesitate for this treatment as it includes pointed needles. But these needles do not cause any pain; just a slight sensation is felt for a sec during insertion. Once the needles are inside you start feeling relaxed. What you require is the proper selection of your acupuncturist. He should be a licensed one so that there is no risk of infection with needles.

You can also enhance your knowledge about acupuncture for stress symptoms by surfing on internet. You will find a no. of websites for health clinic with such services. You can also leave queries in their mailbox and will soon get an answer for them. But yeah, before taking any decision content yourself with their authenticity.


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