A Top Hospital Opens Up to <b>Chinese Herbs</b> as <b>Medicines</b>

A Top Hospital Opens Up to Chinese Herbs as Medicines
Lyndhurst, Ohio. Christina Lunka appeared nervous and excited as she sat in the Chinese herbal therapy center recently opened by the Cleveland Clinic. The 49-year-old had been to many doctors seeking help for ongoing issues that included joint pain and ...
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A Push to Back Traditional Chinese Medicine With More Data
To reach these goals, the overall quality of research on traditional Chinese medicine must improve. With studies of Chinese herbal remedies, for instance, rarely are scientists expected to provide authentication of herbs they're studying, which makes ...
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Chinese herbal medicine effective for irritable bowels
A greater proportion of patients receiving herbal medicine reported adequate relief, improved bowel habits, lower IBS-SSS scores, reduced straining during defecation, increased stool consistency and a significant decrease in hard, lumpy stools. There ...
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