Qi Gong An Exercise For Your Energy

Qi Gong literally means energy exercise in English but many people don't understand how Qi Gong works with your body's energy.

Energy is not something mysterious. We experience it every day. When we wake up in the morning we either feel energetic or tired. As we continue throughout our day we also experience either states of elevated energy or depleted energy. Judging from the commercials on TV it seems many people experience low-energy in the afternoon.

Qi Gong can help you feel more energetic and less tired. Practicing in the afternoon can give your body the natural energy boost that it needs. While long-term practice of can enhance your body's overall system giving you extra energy and helping you feel more vibrant throughout the day. But how does this work?

The first way that Qi Gong helps your body's energy is that it keeps it flowing freely throughout all your vital systems. The movements of the exercises help to lead and guide the energy. Specific exercise sets have different goals but in general exercises for improving and maintaining good overall health lead and guide the energy throughout the entire body. In addition to circulating the energy throughout the entire system the movements also help to remove stagnation. So by practicing, you remove any stagnation that exists, keep the energy flowing freely, and make sure it reaches every part of the body. This is essential for maintaining the health and becoming healthier because it is this circulation that provides the nourishment that the body needs to function properly and repair itself.

Secondly, if your body is able to more efficiently circulate and use energy then you will experience an increase in your perceived energy level. When energy is flowing freely without stagnation to the entire body, your body is better able to repair itself from the normal wear and tear it experiences everyday. This means that by practicing Qi Gong your body will get healthier overtime.

These are just some general ways that Qi Gong affects your body's energy. By practicing you can enhance the way your body stores, circulates, and utilizes energy. The results you see from practicing Qi Gong can show themselves in many different ways. The best way is to practice and start experiencing the results for yourself.

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