Tai Ch Chuan

Tai chi chuan is a form of Chinese martial art that is usually practiced for various grounds including competition, longevity and health. The name was derived from taiji. There are modern and traditional forms of training for this martial art. During the initial training in tai chi, you will have to learn some solo routines which are referred to as forms. Most people associate this form of art with slow movements but there are some secondary forms of this art that include fast movements.

There are three aspects that are involved in the study of taichi including:

The movements make you focused and calm and will help you to relieve stress and maintain homeostasis. This meditation occurs when you are practicing the soft style of taichi.

This form of martial art focuses on relieving any form of stress on your body and mind to allow you to meditate and get to that state or calmness and also be able to use tai chi as a martial art since physical fitness is necessary if you want to defend yourself properly.

Martial art
Once you have understood the art of tai chi chuan, you can be able to apply it in self defense. When it comes to the martial art aspect of you will study how to change as a way of responding to outside forces. You are taught how to yield and stick to an incoming attack instead of trying to put up an opposing force.

There are 5 styles of taichi which are named according to the Chinese family from where each of them originated. These five include, Chen, Yang, Wu style of Wu Yuxiang and Wu style of Wu Quanyuo. There are various fusion styles, new styles and offshoots of the original styles.

There are two features that are included in the core training of tai chi chuan. The first is the solo form which has slow movements that highlight the spine natural movements and abdominal breathing. This feature retains the posture, improves circulation through your body, keeps your joints flexible and makes you familiar with the way these movements are used for the martial art aspect. The second feature is the various approaches of pushing hands.

Various hospitals, community and senior centers and clinics now have taichi classes. This is because it involves low stress training which is suitable for seniors. This modern form of tai chi chuan is practiced for self defense, physical and mental benefits and for aesthetic appeal. This makes it one of the most popular activities used to maintain health and fitness after yoga.

Taichi can also be practiced as a form of sport as there are many international games where practitioners compete against each other. The Chinese have for many years used tai chi for health purposes and the modern world is now interested in the benefits that can be derived from it. Many studies are being carried out to find the most effective styles and the duration which a participant needs to do the movements to achieve maximum benefits.

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